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  • Image of Calling a Halt to Mindless Change

    Calling a Halt to Mindless Change

    by John Macdonald
    Item #: 2025
    Enough, says MacDonald. Too many consultants are pushing too many new management methods that don't work. Firms are depending too much on lawyers and human resource departments. Put some sense back into decision-making in this area, he says, making sure to adopt only those changes that can improve operations. Those who have been stung in this department will enjoy this book; others will be put on watch for the danger signs.
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  • Image of Getting to Resolution

    Getting to Resolution

    by Stewart Levine
    Item #: 2024
    You've seen it happen. Groups in a firm are clashing. Communications break down. Two people are making a display of their mutual dislikes. The work of the firm is feeling it. What to do? Levine has the answers, varied for the occasion and tested in the heat of battle. One approach involves the signing of collaborative agreements.
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