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  • Image of My Years With General Motors

    My Years With General Motors

    by Alfred Sloan
    Item #: 2018
    Alfred Sloan wrote a winning book that's as fresh and clear today as it was in the days when he headed General Motors. Share Sloan's helpful insights into a long list of business topics.
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  • Image of The Hungry Spirit

    The Hungry Spirit

    by Charles Handy
    Item #: 2017
    This talented (and wealthy) author urges you to look beyond wealth for your satisfactions. Know when you have enough money, he advises, then turn to leaving something for the world behind you. All of us, even Bill Gates, can discover something about values from this.
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  • Image of Unleashing the Killer App

    Unleashing the Killer App

    by Larry Downes, Chunka Mui
    Item #: 2016
    Killer apps (applications) are inventions, goods, or services that change the world dramatically, and often quickly. They range from yesterday's cotton gin to today's Windows. Learn how to see them, recognize and profit from them.
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