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  • Image of Microtrends


    by Mark Penn
    Item #: FBR1207
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Join Penn for a fast-paced ride through more than 70 “microtrends” found in politics, family life, religion and leisure and how each one is impacting our lifestyles as well as our business world.
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  • Image of Corporate Agility

    Corporate Agility

    by Charles Grantham, James Ware, Cory Williamson
    Item #: 2930
    In order to compete in the flat world –– where the rules are constantly changing –– businesses must be willing to embrace a new strategic model. This model needs to allow for the understanding of the evolving work force, the inception of new technologies, and the re-examination of work place structure. Corporate Agility provides the blueprint for this revolutionary move forward.
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  • Image of Get There Early

    Get There Early

    by Bob Johansen
    Item #: 2929
    Very few leaders consult a crystal ball or a psychic when it comes to looking into the future with regards to their business; nonetheless, they are still responsible for understanding how the decisions they made yesterday will affect their organization five years from now. Johansen and the Institute for the Future provide their insights into the next decade, and show readers how they too can begin to navigate the road to the future.
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  • Image of Breakthrough Business Results with MVT

    Breakthrough Business Results with MVT

    by Charles Holland, David Cochran
    Item #: 29KTFS
    Breakthrough Business Results with MVT describes and details the one revolutionary method that offers a powerful, fast and inexpensive way to prove with certainty that ideas will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. MVT, or Multivariable Testing, uses advanced statistics to test the real-world effects of dozens of business improvement ideas, discover the synergies between them, and identify those ideas that are the most powerful and profitable under real-world conditions.
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