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  • Image of Thin on Top

    Thin on Top

    by Bob Garratt
    Item #: 2530
    Given the high-level scandals of recent years, companies are concerned that corporate boards not only make decisions that improve a company’s profitability, but that they conduct their activities in an organized, efficient and ethical manner. In Thin on Top, Bob Garratt, chairman of the board of a consultancy that specializes in director development and strategic thinking, discusses the current condition of corporate boards, dispels troublesome myths, and gives step-by-step recommendations on ho
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  • Image of Lateral Marketing

    Lateral Marketing

    by Fernando deBes, Philip Kotler
    Item #: 2529
    In a consumer economy saturated with homogenous products and customers who are more and more immune to advertising messages, traditional vertical marketing — with its emphasis on market segmentation and brand proliferation — is failing us. There is a better way to reach consumers, to create innovative products and markets that don’t yet exist, and to gain a real competitive advantage: lateral marketing. In Lateral Marketing, marketing experts Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias de Bes show
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  • Image of Speed Review: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

    Speed Review: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

    by Donald Mitchell, Carol Coles
    Item #: BKS1203J
    Berrett-Koehler, 310 pages
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