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  • Image of When Goliaths Clash

    When Goliaths Clash

    by Howard M. Guttman
    Item #: 2518
    In When Goliath’s Clash, Howard M. Guttman, the principal of Guttman Development Strategies Inc., a management consulting firm, describes how unresolved conflict in organizations, especially at the highest level, can have dire consequences. These include low productivity, employees’ anger and hostility, increased costs, and increased absenteeism and turnover. He explains that it is important for leaders to realize that conflict handled properly can actually be a great asset to a company
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  • Image of Nanocosm


    by William Illsey Atkinson
    Item #: 2517
    Since the beginning of the industrial age, many machines have grown steadily smaller even as they have grown more powerful and complex. Nanotechnology, based on a new science of the infinitesimally small, takes technology beyond most popular definitions of reality, to a realm of molecular machines, cell-sized computers and other astounding possibilities. In Nanocosm, technology consultant and writer William Illsey Atkinson reveals a spectacular view of the immediate future of nanotechno
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  • Image of Winning the Merger Endgame

    Winning the Merger Endgame

    by Stefan Zeisel, Graeme K. Deans, Dr. Fritz Kroeger
    Item #: 2516
    After studying mergers in many industries through the 1990s, the authors of Winning the Merger Endgame, officers and consultants from A.T. Kearney, have discovered that all industries move through four stages of what they call the “Endgames Curve” toward inevitable consolidation. The path up the curve starts with the Opening Stage where industries begin and companies proliferate. In the Scale Stage companies acquire other companies as they realize that organic growth will not push them
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