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  • Image of Innovation by Design

    Innovation by Design

    by Gerard H. Gaynor
    Item #: 2425
    While many equate innovation with a creative drive found in the best and brightest employees, true innovation is much more than that — it is an organization-wide commitment to openness and communication. It requires a culture that values original thought and that supports new and valuable ideas with principles, policies and appropriate infrastructure, across the entire company. In Innovation by Design, Gerard Gaynor provides sound, practical advice and real-world examples (culled from 4
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  • Image of Capitalizing on Conflict

    Capitalizing on Conflict

    by James W. Gibson, Kirk Blackard
    Item #: 2424
    Do you want to optimize performance? If you do, you must first find a way to create an environment that minimizes workplace conflict and integrates resolution strategies into management systems. Only by preventing or minimizing, bringing to the surface, and resolving conflict can you unleash the full power of the organization. Capitalizing on Conflict shows readers how a company can create a comprehensive, organization-wide effort to resolve specific conflict events with proven strategi
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