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  • Image of Secrets of Question Based Selling™

    Secrets of Question Based Selling™

    by Thomas A. Freese
    Item #: 2313
    What salespeople ask and how they ask it is more important than anything they might say. Veteran sales trainer Freese offers a questions-based method that will help salespeople generate leads and close sales. The first step: using questions to make prospects curious about your service and product — and ready to listen to what you have to say.
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  • Image of The Project Manager's MBA

    The Project Manager's MBA

    by Dennis J. Cohen, Robert J. Graham
    Item #: 2312
    Managing a project is not about getting the job done on time and on budget. It’s about getting the job done in a way that contributes to the bottom line of your company. Covering everything from the basics of accounting and finance to understanding the marketplace, this summary shows how to link project success to organization success.
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  • Image of Building Brandwidth

    Building Brandwidth

    by Sergio Zyman, Scott Miller
    Item #: 2311
    The airwaves are full of funny e-business commercials, and everybody’s laughing — but is anyone buying? According to Zyman, former Chief Marketing Officer of the Coca-Cola Company, e-marketing that’s trendy and irreverent won’t work if e-marketers forget the fundamentals. Zyman explains what it takes to close the sale online.
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