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    by Jaclyn Easton
    Item #: 2113
    If the returns from your Web site are less than expected, let Easton give you valuable pointers that will boost your site profits. She suggests ways to attract customers, give them choices, and get them to buy. Most helpful, she checked on more than 200 companies to learn how they make money, then tells you what you can learn from them. A very helpful feature is to visit some of the sites she profiles, to see for yourself how they do it.
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  • Image of Soaring with the Phoenix

    Soaring with the Phoenix

    by Jerre Stead, James Belasco
    Item #: 2112
    Belasco and Stead spell out a step-by-step way to renew your company. You will learn to be a Phoenix leader, lifting your company from the ashes of its past and preparing it to soar. Here's a sample of the authors' thinking: "We are all connected to vast networks of customers; to be successful, we must create success for these customers." Summing up, the authors tell you not to try to change the present. Instead, create the future.
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  • Image of Listening to Conflict

    Listening to Conflict

    by Erik Van Slyke
    Item #: 2111
    This will prepare you to resolve those disruptive disputes in your company. You will learn to listen -- and hear what people don't say as well as say. You will discover what sets you off in anger and how to change this behavior. Finally, you'll understand what to do if you can't reach a constructive resolution to a dispute.
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