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  • Image of Intelligent M&A

    Intelligent M&A

    by Scott Moeller, Chris Brady
    Item #: 3008
    Mergers and acquisitions have played a dominant role in shaping and reshaping the global corporate landscape in the last century. If the sheer numbers of deals aren’t grabbing headlines, the size and scope of the deals that are made cannot help but command the attention of investors world over. In Intelligent M&A, Moeller and Brady set forth a solid strategy for thriving in the high-stakes, high-stress environment for corporate mergers and acquisitions.
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  • Image of The Number

    The Number

    by Lee Eisenberg
    Item #: FBR0207
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Millions of people in the United States are going to fall short of their retirement needs ... and not just in terms of money. It's not a topic many of these people are interested in discussing, as it may cause various levels of distress, even anxiety. However, the aversion to addressing retirement planning now sets up certain - and greater - worries later in life.
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  • Image of Beyond Budgeting

    Beyond Budgeting

    by Jeremy Hope, Robin Fraser
    Item #: 2521
    The authors show how to reform the traditional budgeting process, which currently consumes too much time while adding too little value. The problem is traditional budgeting’s focus on fixed targets and performance incentives. The authors argue for replacing centrally controlled, predetermined goals with self-regulating, relative competitive benchmarks and transfer the power and decision-making authority from the center of the organization to the front line.
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  • Image of Building Public Trust

    Building Public Trust

    by Robert G. Eccles, Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr.
    Item #: 2430
    DiPiazza, the CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Eccles, a former Harvard Business School professor, offer a three-tier model of corporate transparency to fix the current crisis in corporate reporting. The three tiers are: global generally accepted accounting principles, industry- based standards and company-specific information.
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  • Image of The EVA Challenge

    The EVA Challenge

    by John S. Shiely, Joel M. Stern
    Item #: 2406
    Economic Value Added (EVA) is a measure of the true economic performance of a company, as well as a strategy for creating shareholder wealth. Stern and Shiely offer ways to properly implement EVA to better align the interests of managers with those of shareholders, and give companies a clearer picture of the value they create.
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  • Image of Secrets of the Investment All-Stars

    Secrets of the Investment All-Stars

    by Kenneth Stern
    Item #: 2117
    From John Bogle, chairman and founder of Vanguard to Mario Gabelli, who specializes in finding undervalued stocks that have an identified "catalyst" that promises future growth, you'll learn the secrets of the investment all-stars you read about in the financial pages.
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  • Image of Conquering Your Financial Stress

    Conquering Your Financial Stress

    by Bruce Eaton
    Item #: 2022
    Eliminate these nine symptoms and you'll lead a richer life. You may discover, too, that you don't need more money and (surprise) you may end up with more.
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  • Image of Intellectual Capital

    Intellectual Capital

    by Thomas Stewart
    Item #: 1919
    Stewart says too many firms today think only of physical and financial assets. They ignore their intellectual capital, the talents of their employees, their information about customers and suppliers, their patents. He will show you how to evaluate them-- and make them grow.
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  • Image of Beyond the Numbers

    Beyond the Numbers

    by William Simon
    Item #: 1915
    A quicker, better way to get a true picture of a firm's financial status. Top CEOs share their ideas.
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