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  • Image of The Profit Zone

    The Profit Zone

    by Adrian J. Slywotzky, David J. Morrison
    Item #: 29JTFS
    The quest for profitability has become more important than ever. By developing superior insight into customers and adapting a company's business design accordingly, business leaders can get off the treadmill of just doing the same old things faster and better and return to the profit zone. This summary answers the most fundamental question in business: Where will I make a profit tomorrow?
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  • Image of How


    by Dov Seidman
    Item #: 2923
    According to Seidman, in this ever-increasingly competitive world, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that sets you apart from the pack.
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  • Image of Be The Elephant

    Be The Elephant

    by Steve Kaplan
    Item #: 2922
    From the author of the best selling Bag the Elephant, Kaplan shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow big enough to make an impact, remain financially healthy and be smart enough to dodge the “five killer mistakes.”
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  • Image of The Definitive Drucker

    The Definitive Drucker

    by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
    Item #: 2921
    Considered the father of modern management, Peter Drucker spent the last 16 months of his life speaking about the world of business with Edersheim, a respected management thinker in her own right. The Definitive Drucker provides his final thoughts about the development of modern business.
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  • Image of Speed Review: Off-Ramps and On-Ramps

    Speed Review: Off-Ramps and On-Ramps

    by Sylvia Ann Hewlett
    Item #: BKS0907E
    Harvard Business School Press, 299 pages
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  • Image of The Adversity Advantage

    The Adversity Advantage

    by Erik Weihenmayer, Paul Stoltz
    Item #: 29ITFS
    In The Adversity Advantage, authors Paul Stoltz and Erik Weihenmayer offer proven principles and practical tools that teach you how to use adversity as a force for superior achievement, resilience, agility, innovation, energy and happiness. These two adversity experts have developed seven guiding principles to teach you how to transform adversity into your most powerful advantage. This summary will show you how to pinpoint and bolster your adversity strengths in order to bring out your
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