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  • Image of Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty

    Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty

    by Lance Berger
    Item #: 2728
    Author Lance Berger is a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and has served as a consultant to Major League Baseball. After looking deeply into the history of the Yankees’ organization, Berger discovered that many of the same principles that made the Yankees great were also driving the success of business clients. These core principles are based on leadership, processes and culture. In Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty, Berger offers time-tested management
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  • Image of The Growth Gamble

    The Growth Gamble

    by Robert Park, Andrew Campbell
    Item #: 2727
    Conventional business wisdom dictates that companies should focus their sights on growth. But growth is no certain thing, say the authors of The Growth Gamble. Not all companies are built for rapid growth: Their markets are unsteady or extremely competitive, their infrastructure is not sufficiently flexible, or they don’t have the quality or quantity of people to lend to the effort. For these companies, a slow or steady growth curve, over years or even decades, is the healthiest option.
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  • Image of The Enthusiastic Employee

    The Enthusiastic Employee

    by Michael Irwin Meltzer, David Sirota, Louis Mischkind
    Item #: 2726
    Enthusiastic employees outproduce and outperform employees who are not motivated to perform. In The Enthusiastic Employee, three employee management experts from Sirota Consulting offer 30 years of research and experience to show readers exactly what managers are doing wrong — and what they should do instead. Drawing on detailed case studies and employee attitude surveys from hundreds of companies, the authors describe a dollars-and-cents business case for high employee morale, and pres
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