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  • Image of Who Really Matters

    Who Really Matters

    by Art Kleiner
    Item #: 2623
    While Enron, Tyco and others have given the concept of the Core Group a bad name, bestselling author Art Kleiner explains in Who Really Matters that companies need Core Groups to supply the energy and direction they require to be successful. By observing the Core Group’s members’ day-to-day activities, communications and management decisions, Kleiner argues that the astute employee can recognize decisions before they are made, and can be ready to react to change. Eventually, if that per
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  • Image of Off the Cuff

    Off the Cuff

    by Anne Cooper Ready
    Item #: 2622
    To help readers build up their confidence when asked to just “say a few words,” writer and communications coach Anne Cooper Ready offers them a useful combination of encouragement and preparation to face impromptu speaking in Off the Cuff. In an easy-to-reference guidebook that helps readers put words together that motivate, direct, entertain, and get a point across, Ready teaches both the basic and advanced skills that are needed to solve communication challenges ranging from apologies
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  • Image of The Underdog Advantage

    The Underdog Advantage

    by David Morey, Scott Miller
    Item #: 2621
    The Underdog Advantage is about a set of principles that have been proven to win and to build a winning attitude, character and culture in the most difficult circumstances. These are principles that can drive your business, marketing and communication strategies and transform your company. And they can transform your career. Established and refined over centuries of military and political experience, these principles have worked on the battlefield and at the ballot box, and strategy con
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