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  • Image of In Good Company

    In Good Company

    by Laurence Prusak, Don Cohen
    Item #: 2320
    Cohen and Prusak explain how to build up the human connections (based on trust, mutual understanding and shared values and behaviors) that make up your company’s social capital — a critical challenge in the age of globalization, free agency and the virtual workplace.
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  • Image of The Attention Economy

    The Attention Economy

    by Thomas H. Davenport, John C. Beck
    Item #: 2319
    In today’s information-rich business world, the scarcest resource is not talent or technology — it’s attention. Managers face a double challenge: to learn how to get and hold the attention of employees and consumers and to learn when to parcel out their own valuable attention. This summary shows how capturing, managing and holding attention is key to the success of your business.
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