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  • Image of The E-Commerce Arsenal

    The E-Commerce Arsenal

    by Alexis D. Gutzman
    Item #: 2318
    Gutzman has put together a tool box containing the 12 must-have technologies you need to master to establish a successful company website.
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  • Image of Sales Management

    Sales Management

    by Robert J. Calvin
    Item #: 2317
    This summary offers a primer on creating and managing today’s sales force. Calvin covers everything from hiring and training to structure your sales force according to your company’s channel needs.
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  • Image of The Anatomy of Buzz

    The Anatomy of Buzz

    by Emanuel Rosen
    Item #: 2316
    Companies are discovering the power of word-of-mouth marketing in an era of skeptical consumers unimpressed by traditional marketing techniques. Here’s how to make word of mouth marketing work for your product.
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