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  • Image of The Customer Revolution

    The Customer Revolution

    by Patricia B. Seybold
    Item #: 2315
    Customers are taking control of industries and reshaping them from the outside in. While some characterize the changes taking place as the New Economy, the Internet economy, or the knowledge economy, Seybold, the bestselling author of the book, simply calls it the “customer economy.” To survive in this customer economy, you need to respond to customer demands for changes in the way you design and deliver products and services. Seybold shows you how.
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  • Image of Profit from the Core

    Profit from the Core

    by Chris Zook
    Item #: 2314
    According to Zook and Allen, most growth strategies fail to deliver value because they wrongly diversify from the core business. Based on a ten-year Bain & Company study of 2,000 companies in a variety of industries, Profit from the Core will teach you how to grow your company by building market power in a well-defined core.
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  • Image of Speed Review: It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit

    Speed Review: It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit

    by Robert Shook, C Britt Beemer
    Item #: BKS0601B
    Simon & Schuster, 288 pages
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