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  • Image of The Clickable Corporation

    The Clickable Corporation

    by J Russell Gates, Douglas Armstrong, Jonathan Rosenoer
    Item #: 2125
    The authors identify and explain eight "value propositions" that companies can offer their customers through the web: information, choice, convenience, customization, savings, community, entertainment and trust. In-depth case studies show how companies are offering these value propositions.
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  • Image of The Dance of Change

    The Dance of Change

    by Charlotte Roberts, Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Richard Ross, George Roth, Art Kleiner
    Item #: 2124
    In a follow-up to their seminal book, The Fifth Discipline, Senge and his team show companies how to overcome the ten challenges that undermine a company's attempt to change and become a learning organization. One example: the challenge of diffusion, or a company's inability to diffuse knowledge throughout the organization.
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