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  • Image of Cybercorp


    by James Martin
    Item #: 1828
    Information technology and bright ideas are changing the way organizations operate. You’ll need speed, agility, flexibility, and fully “wired” virtual operations to compete in the years ahead. Martin explains all, with vivid details.
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  • Image of Getting a Grip on Tomorrow

    Getting a Grip on Tomorrow

    by Mike Johnson
    Item #: 1827
    The “job for life” is dead. But you still have knowledge and experience that companies need. Johnson shows how to maximize your value to the firm, plus warning signs that it’s time to jump ship, and constructive steps to take when you’re laid off. Great career advice.
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  • Image of Now Hiring!

    Now Hiring!

    by B Jack Gebhardt, Steve Lauer
    Item #: 1826
    Demographic changes mean that it will get harder and harder to fill those entry-level jobs. Lauer, who owns a chain of Subway sandwich shops, shows you how he finds good, loyal people in this tough hiring market.
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