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  • Image of Peaks and Valleys

    Peaks and Valleys

    by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
    Item #: FBR0909B
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    From the author of the best-selling blockbuster Who Moved My Cheese? comes a book that helps executives gain better balance between the office and the home front. Told in the popular business fable format, this book takes readers on a journey through the metaphoric peaks and valleys that make up life in today's hectic business climate.
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  • Image of Power, Ambition, Glory

    Power, Ambition, Glory

    by Steve Forbes, John Prevas
    Item #: FBR0909
    In Power, Ambition, Glory, Steve Forbes and John Prevas observe the strong comparisons between the empires of the ancient world and the corporations that rule modern society.
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  • Image of Rethink


    by Ric Merrifield
    Item #: 3123
    It’s the trap that ensnares virtually every business. We focus on process: “how” we’re doing the job. And we forget about the bigger issue: “what” we are doing and “why” we’re doing it. That’s why we are leaving so much value on the table. In Rethink, business architect Ric Merrifield exposes this problem with vivid examples and introduces breakthrough techniques for overcoming it.
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  • Image of The Inspiring Leader

    The Inspiring Leader

    by Scott Edinger, John H. Zenger, Joseph R. Folkman
    Item #: 3122
    The impact of inspiration and motivating others is consistent across different kinds of organizations and within different cultures. The Inspiring Leader reveals the newest research on how top leaders inspire teams to greatness, It discusses the behaviors exhibited by the most successful leaders and includes advice on how to implement them.
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  • Image of Chaotics


    by John Caslione, Philip Kotler
    Item #: 3121
    As the fallout from the financial meltdown of 2008 grows progressively worse, companies, industries, and entire markets cling precariously to life or have ceased to exist altogether. And the turbulence may not be over anytime soon. Here noted business strategists Kotler and Casilone argue that these troubled times are not an aberration, but the new face of normal. Chaotics teaches how to be prepared for –– and thrive in –– this New Age of Turbulence.
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