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  • Image of Boeing Versus Airbus

    Boeing Versus Airbus

    by John Newhouse
    Item #: FBR0807
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Twenty-five years ago John Newhouse's book The Sporty Game examined the high-stakes business environment that exists in the manufacturing and selling of large commercial aircraft, commonly referred to as LCAs. A quarter of a century later, that book is considered a classic about the airplane business. Now, in Boeing Versus Airbus, Newhouse focuses his sights on the intense competition between the world's two largest manufacturers of passenger airplanes.
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  • Image of True North

    True North

    by Bill George
    Item #: 2920
    Just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, your True North pulls you toward the purpose of your leadership. When you follow your internal compass, your leadership will be authentic, and people will naturally want to associate with you.
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  • Image of Driving Change

    Driving Change

    by Mike Brewster, Frederick Dalzell
    Item #: 2919
    We see them everywhere –– those brown trucks delivering their share of 14 million parcels handled daily. To most people, UPS is a reliable fact of life. But to well-informed businesspeople, Big Brown is a company to emulate.
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  • Image of Seduced by Success

    Seduced by Success

    by Robert J. Herbold
    Item #: 29HTFS
    Don't let success put your company on the road to ruin. People and entire companies can easily fall into the trappings of success. Robert Herbold wrote Seduced by Success in an effort to help individuals and organizations become successful and stay successful. This summary will show you how to look past your current success or stability and constantly probe for new and better ideas and ways to do things.
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  • Image of Sink or Swim

    Sink or Swim

    by Milo Sindell, Thuy Sindell, Ph.D.
    Item #: 29GTFS
    The first 12 weeks in your new job are an important time in your life. You worked hard to find the right company, did all the right things to make your resume rise to the top of the pile, and aced the interview. Now you've got the job. It's time to establish yourself as a valuable and valued member of your new company. Your mission is to get up to speed as quickly as possible in your first twelve weeks on the job. Ninety days is not a long time. Therefore, it is critical that you swim with the c
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