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  • Image of Never Bet the Farm

    Never Bet the Farm

    by Stephen Spinelli Jr., Anthony L. Iaquinto
    Item #: 2823
    Entrepreneur: Be prepared. Never Bet the Farm celebrates entrepreneurship in its entirety, presenting a framework that can help entrepreneurs reduce risks and simplify decision-making. It is at once both encouraging and cautionary, but neither a textbook how-to nor an inspirational tome lacking substance. “We’re living in a world with unimaginable adversity and invisible threats,” writes Iaquinto. “Why should entrepreneurs be any different from a sailor who stows a well-stocked ...
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  • Image of The Triple Bottom Line

    The Triple Bottom Line

    by Andrew Savitz
    Item #: 2822
    Author Andrew Savitz approaches the concept of sustainability in three-part harmony, with a look at how businesses prosper financially while protecting and renewing the social, environmental and economic resources they need. He says they can fail if they do not tend to all three, and his claims are not without merit. With an eye to the Fortune 100 companies leading this movement, The Triple Bottom Line approaches sustainability as a “win-win-win” prospect achievable in any industry.
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  • Image of Satisfaction


    by James D. Power IV, Chris Denove
    Item #: 2821
    Despite claims otherwise, Denove and Power write, “Most organizations have not made a significant and sustained commitment to customer satisfaction.” As a result, these organizations are losing money. This isn’t just another book about customer satisfaction, it’s an unlocked vault on years of closely guarded research data, surveys and feedback collected by J.D. Power and Associates, a name synonymous with measuring customer satisfaction and improving the bottom line.
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