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  • Image of Heads Up

    Heads Up

    by Kenneth G. McGee
    Item #: 2618
    According to Kenneth G. McGee, a research fellow at Gartner Inc., even the worst business catastrophes rarely happen without warning. In Heads Up, McGee describes how managers can break the pervasive pattern of surprises that are often followed by desperate responses. Instead of trying to predict the future, McGee explains, managers need to master predicting the present — understanding what is happening right now and how these current events and outcomes will impact future success. By r
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  • Image of A Bias for Action

    A Bias for Action

    by Heike Bruch, Sumantra Ghoshal
    Item #: 2617
    In A Bias for Action, leadership expert Heike Bruch and management expert Sumantra Ghoshal demonstrate that managers often confuse activity with accomplishments, and motivation with true leadership. Based on the authors’ research across numerous industries, and illustrated with personal case studies from BP, Sony, GE, Philips and others, this summary reveals how great managers get results by engaging their own willpower through a combination of energy and focus. The authors present simp
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  • Image of Don't Think Pink

    Don't Think Pink

    by Andrea Learned, Lisa Johnson
    Item #: 2616
    You can no longer “think pink” by assuming that all women are the same and all they want are pastel colored products with hearts and flowers on them. Generational experiences, lifestyle choices, and demographic characteristics combine to define the filters through which women make buying choices. Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned are co-founders of ReachWomen, a firm specializing in the behavior of women as consumers. By examining the different ways women think and how companies can engage women w
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