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  • Image of The Quest For Global Dominance

    The Quest For Global Dominance

    by Vijay Govindarajan, Anil K. Gupta
    Item #: 2405
    Worldwide market opportunities are available and the authors say that establishing a global presence is not enough. Describing how a global mindset is necessary to rethink who target customers are and what value should be delivered to them, The Quest for Global Dominance explains howcompanies can identify and develop the opportunities for value creation to gain competitive advantage.
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  • Image of The War For Talent

    The War For Talent

    by Ed Michaels, Beth Axelrod, Helen Handfield-Jones
    Item #: 2404
    The authors say employers must develop talent through the efforts of every leader in a company. These efforts must address people management with as much effort and commitment as a company puts into its customer management. Their book shows organizations how to take a proactive approach to recruitment and make talent development part of the company’s goals, as well as how to differentiate the best and brightest from low- to mid-level performers.
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