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  • Image of Team Troubleshooter

    Team Troubleshooter

    by Robert W. Barner
    Item #: 2323
    Teamwork is increasingly in demand by organizations when doing business and managing customer relationships. Learn about the common pitfalls and roadblocks for teams, such as conflicts between team members and the team leader, poor relationships between corporate teams and customers, and the inability of a team to anticipate problems. Robert Barner offers the symptoms and then provides the treatments to help any team overcome challenges by improving internal relationships, strengthening team foc
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  • Image of The Change Monster

    The Change Monster

    by Jeanie Daniel Duck
    Item #: 2322
    Despite careful management of the operational aspects of corporate change, many managers and executives ignore the human element how changing a job description or corporate environment makes people feel. Respected consultant Jeanie Daniel Duck introduces a five-stage framework that helps managers and executives understand how to manage the human element of the change process.
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  • Image of The Story Factor

    The Story Factor

    by Annette Simmons
    Item #: 2321
    The effects of stories in our professional lives can be profound. Storytelling skills can be used to inspire, persuade, and influence others. Explore the six stories every professional must tell, learn how to tell a good story, discover how stories connect on a psychological level, see the power of a good listener, and learn what you should and should not do when telling a story.
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