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  • Image of Strategic Renaissance

    Strategic Renaissance

    by Evan M. Dudik
    Item #: 2228
    In this insightful primer on corporate strategy development, Dudik shows why the traditional strategic goal of sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) is being replaced by a new goal: opportunity creation and exploitation (OCE). Dudik also explores the business application of a classic military strategy: the hammer and pivot.
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  • Image of Six Sigma

    Six Sigma

    by Mikel Harry Ph.D., Richard Schroeder
    Item #: 2227
    Using examples of successful implementation of the Six Sigma Breakthrough Strategy at such companies as General Electric, AlliedSignal and Polaroid, Harry and Schroeder (both from the Six Sigma Academy, Inc.) lay out in detail the theory and practice of achieving the astounding level of quality (3.4 defects per million) at the heart of this approach.
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  • Image of Peak Performance

    Peak Performance

    by Jon R. Katzenbach
    Item #: 2226
    Katzenbach, co-author of The Wisdom of Teams, shows how to build exceptional levels of employee performance and commitment by consistently pursuing one or more of five distinct paths to peak performance: the Mission, Values and Pride path; the Process and Metrics path; the Entrepreneurial Spirit path; the Individual Achievement path; and the Recognition and Celebration path.
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