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  • Image of Hot Groups

    Hot Groups

    by Jean Lipman-Blumen, Harold Leavitt
    Item #: 2128
    Different from teams, focus groups, or committees, hot groups are small, passionate, creative groups of individuals who come together to focus obsessively on a certain task, then flame out never to be seen again once the task is complete. The authors show what hot groups can do for your organization.
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  • Image of Rewards that Drive High Performance

    Rewards that Drive High Performance

    by Thomas Wilson
    Item #: 2127
    Case studies of companies who used compensation and reward systems to achieve their organizational goals -- from putting employees first at Starbucks to building an entrepreneurial spirit at Southwest Airlines.
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  • Image of Saving Big Blue

    Saving Big Blue

    by Robert Slater
    Item #: 2126
    Having explained Jack Welch and the GE Way in his previous best-seller, Slater now turns his attention to Louis V. Gerstner, who saved the floundering IBM by focusing on customers and demanding high performance from his managers and employees. Full of key leadership lessons for managing a turnaround.
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