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  • Image of Business @ the Speed of Thought

    Business @ the Speed of Thought

    by Bill Gates
    Item #: 2120
    Information flow -- getting the right information to the right people at the right time -- is the “lifeblood” of any business, says Microsoft founder Gates. In this summary, he shows how to maintain this flow through a “digital nervous system” -- a single integrated digital infrastructure that uses digital tools as diverse as the Internet, PCs, computer networks, and specialized software to connect every component, every facet of your organization.
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  • Image of Free, Perfect, and Now

    Free, Perfect, and Now

    by Robert Rodin
    Item #: 2119
    Rodin, CEO of Marshall Industries, shows in this summary how he transformed a conventional electronics distributor into a high-speed junction box between customers and suppliers. The key: providing customers solutions to their problems that are free, perfect, and now. These three insatiable customer demands, says Rodin, must change your entire company -- from its mission and structure to the way you do business and even the incentives you offer employees.
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