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  • Image of Jack Welch and the GE Way

    Jack Welch and the GE Way

    by Robert Slater
    Item #: 2101
    Jack Welch gets the credit, as CEO, for the booming success of General Electric since 1981. How did he do it? This summary describes it in detail, his role as a leader, the way he stripped the company of its weighty bureaucracy, and, perhaps most important, how he found the ideas that spurred the company's growth. Engrossing reading for leaders and would-be leaders.
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  • Image of Navigating Your Career

    Navigating Your Career

    by Christopher Hunt, Scott Scanlon
    Item #: 2103
    Some of the world's most experienced corporate recruiters tell you what they - and corporations - are seeking as executives. Here's solid advice on what you need to reach the top, how to know if your career is stalled, how to get the best compensation package. Advice like this: Be sure your skills include those that will have a significant impact on generating revenues and cutting costs.
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  • Image of The New Supervisor's Survival Guide

    The New Supervisor's Survival Guide

    by William A. Salmon
    Item #: 2102
    This is the summary for those just promoted to (or faltering in) a supervisor's position. It covers the many new challenges you face, such as making your boss look good, and motivating your staff to make you look good. More specifically, it will lead you into such skills as planning and leading meetings, making decisions and - but the list is lengthy with so many things you need to know. Try it.
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