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  • Image of The School-to-Work Revolution

    The School-to-Work Revolution

    by Lynn Olson
    Item #: 2003
    Schools and business, working together, can improve tomorrow's skilled work force by launching school-to-work programs. Excellent examples demonstrate that this can be a win-win solution for business and education. Learn what you can do to make it happen.
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  • Image of In the Company of Giants

    In the Company of Giants

    by Rama Dev Jager, Rafael Ortiz
    Item #: 2002
    Learn from the visionaries in the computer industry such as Michael Dell and Bill Hewlett. Excellent on topics such as making decisions and getting the most from employees.
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  • Image of Creating You & Co.

    Creating You & Co.

    by William Bridges
    Item #: 2001
    In this information age, says the author, you must think of yourself as a one-person company, You & Co. That means identifying your resources and capabilities, creating and delivering a service or product, then finding a market for those. Do this where you work or as you find a position in another company. Warning: Don't do this and you may find your job has disappeared.
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