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  • Image of Green Marketing

    Green Marketing

    by Jacquelyn Ottman
    Item #: 1528
    "Environmental consumerism" is a long-term trend, so be prepared. You'll learn how to make sure your products and services are genuinely "green," how your efforts can preempt government intrusion in yoru business, and why the trend-setting green consumer is a marketer's dream.
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  • Image of Power Reading

    Power Reading

    by Phyllis Mindell
    Item #: 1527
    You need a method to plow through that heap of reading, and this is the best we've seen. It's not speed reading but a technique to make sure that you spend time only on the worthwhile. You'll keep your desk clear and read 50 to 100 percent more efficiently.
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  • Image of The One To One Future

    The One To One Future

    by Martha Rogers, Don Peppers
    Item #: 1526
    Mass marketing is going the way of the di­nosaur. Now you have to know your customers intimately and speak to them per­sonally. The authors show how with to­day’s technology. Why should you bother? Your business future depends on it.
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