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  • Image of Speed Review: Friction

    Speed Review: Friction

    by Jeff Rosenblum, Jordan Berg
    Item #: BKS0717A
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  • Image of Can't Buy Me Like

    Can't Buy Me Like

    by Bob Garfield, Doug Levy
    Item #: 3518
    Today’s brands face an apparent choice between two evils: continue betting on their increasingly ineffective advertising or put blind faith in the supposedly mystical power of social media, where "likes" stand in for transactions and a mass audience is maddeningly elusive. We’ve entered the "Relationship Era," where the only path for businesses seeking long-term success is to create authentic customer relationships. Authors Bob Garfield and Doug Levy show you where these...
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  • Image of Speed Review: Brand Real

    Speed Review: Brand Real

    by Laurence Vincent
    Item #: BKS0812A
    AMACOM, 272 pages
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  • Image of Overpromise and Overdeliver

    Overpromise and Overdeliver

    by Rick Barrera
    Item #: 32BS10
    The old cliché in business is that smart companies underpromise and overdeliver. But in a crowded marketplace, underpromising is a one-way ticket to oblivion. In Overpromise and Overdeliver, Rick Barrera shows that today's most successful companies master Touchpoint Branding — the art of making sure that every point of contact between a company and its customers is well executed and fulfills an over-the-top brand promise.
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  • Image of Speed Review: Six Rules for Brand Revitalization

    Speed Review: Six Rules for Brand Revitalization

    by Larry Light, Joan Kiddon
    Item #: BKS0609B
    Wharton School Publishing, 218 pages
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  • Image of The Brand Bubble

    The Brand Bubble

    by John Gerzema, Edward Lebar
    Item #: 3030
    The number of high-performance, value-creating brands is diminishing across the board. Yet at the same time, the financial markets keep raising brand valuations. The result: a brand bubble that could erase large portions of corporate intangible value and send another shockwave through the global economy.
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  • Image of Personality Not Included

    Personality Not Included

    by Rohit Bhargava
    Item #: 3020
    Personality can make your customers passionate about your brand. Personality inspires trust, and trust can build customer loyalty. In this social media era where identities are shaped as much by perception as communication, marketing becomes more about building relationships with customers than about traditional selling. Rohit Bhargava details the theory of personality and explains how to put it into action effectively.
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  • Image of Speed Review: Brand It Yourself

    Speed Review: Brand It Yourself

    by Lynn Altman
    Item #: BKS0107C
    Portfolio, 224 pages
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  • Image of Speed Review: Primal Branding

    Speed Review: Primal Branding

    by Patrick Hanlon
    Item #: BKS0806H
    Free Press, 256 pages
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