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  • Image of Speed Review: The Back of the Napkin

    Speed Review: The Back of the Napkin

    by Dan Roam
    Item #: BKS0508B
    Portfolio, 270 pages
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  • Image of Profit or Growth?

    Profit or Growth?

    by Bala Chakravarthy, Peter Lorange
    Item #: 3013
    Chakravarthy and Lorange have teamed up to give readers proven strategies to protect and extend core businesses, capture new opportunities that seem to be distant, and then bridge those strategies with two others to move towards profitable diversification. The authors also provide real-world case studies from which the reader can learn how to execute these strategies to the fullest advantage –– achieving growth and profitability.
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  • Image of Deciding Who Leads

    Deciding Who Leads

    by Joseph Daniel McCool
    Item #: 3012
    Noted as a “recruiting expert” by Fast Company, McCool takes his reader inside the world of executive recruiters: the most influential and elite group of management consultants operating in business today. The author reveals how senior management recruiters influence everything from executive compensation, workplace diversity, business management, profits, culture and the definition of leadership itself.
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  • Image of Crisis Leadership Now

    Crisis Leadership Now

    by Laurence Barton
    Item #: 3011
    In Crisis Leadership Now, author Laurence Barton applies his corporate insider's insight to numerous case studies, demonstrating how catastrophes happen to real companies and real people every day. These studies form a framework for building crisis management thinking into your company's strategic toolbox. Anticipating all forms of trouble, advising senior management and boards of directors about potential events, and devising a business recovery plan will allow your organization to reb
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