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  • Image of Speed Review: Micromessaging

    Speed Review: Micromessaging

    by Stephen Young
    Item #: BKS0407C
    McGraw-Hill, 224 pages
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  • Image of Speed Review: The Book of Hard Choices

    Speed Review: The Book of Hard Choices

    by Peter Roy, James Autry
    Item #: BKS0407E
    Morgan Road Books, 272 pages
    From: $0.00
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  • Image of Mavericks at Work

    Mavericks at Work

    by William Taylor, Polly LaBarre
    Item #: FBR0407
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    The old adage of “business as usual” is beginning to lose its steam as the old guard loses its ground and the new guard, or mavericks, begin to take control. In a world where innovation is becoming more of a necessity and less a pleasant surprise, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something truly original.
    From: $6.00
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  • Image of Leading With Character

    Leading With Character

    by John J. Sosik
    Item #: 2910
    Leading With Character offers a unique collection of fascinating stories about 25 famous leaders from business, history and pop culture such as John F. Kennedy, Brian Wilson, Rosa Parks, Joe Namath, Pat Tillman and Nelson Mandela to name a handful.
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of Wikinomics


    by Don Tapscott, Anthony D. Williams
    Item #: 2909
    Using the collaborative-software “wiki” concept as their theme, the authors address how the Internet’s social network offers new, decentralized ways to produce content, goods, services and profit.
    From: $9.00
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