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  • Image of Developing Employees Who Love To Learn

    Developing Employees Who Love To Learn

    by Linda Honold
    Item #: 2308
    Long-term corporate success depends on employees who are in a learning mode — in other words, motivated and prepared to take responsibility for their learning. Honold tells how to inspire employees to want to learn.
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  • Image of The Trusted Advisor

    The Trusted Advisor

    by Charles H. Green, David H. Maister, Robert M. Galford
    Item #: 2307
    Here’s a how-to guide on building trust-based, long-term client relationships. Included are the three core skills of trusted advisors and the five stages of developing trust.
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  • Image of Brand Asset Management

    Brand Asset Management

    by Scott Davis
    Item #: 2306
    The authors present a comprehensive eleven-step process for transforming your brand into one your most valuable assets. Step number one: developing a brand vision.
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