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    by Ray Bender, Peg Neuhauser, Kirk L. Stromberg
    Item #: 2303
    In the age of the Internet, many corporate cultures don’t match up with how people are required to work in the new economy. Here’s a road map for changing your company culture so it will help rather hinder your company’s transformation.
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  • Image of Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business

    Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business

    by Leigh Branham
    Item #: 2302
    With the specific and solid practices in this book, Branham helps you focus on doing what you need to do to retain the employees you most want to keep. Key #1: Be a company people want to work for.
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  • Image of The Strategy-Focused Organization

    The Strategy-Focused Organization

    by Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton
    Item #: 2301
    Developers of the Balanced Scorecard, Kaplan and Norton offer five principles to help companies transform this groundbreaking performance management tool into a tool for creating a strategy-driven performance management company.
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