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    by Bruce Judson
    Item #: 2123
    The rapid growth of the Internet as a business medium has had far-reaching implications for businesses of all sizes. Drawing on current practices of leading edge companies — as well as existing management theory and its practical applications — Bruce Judson offers 11 strategies for surviving and thriving in today’s hypercompetitive era.
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  • Image of The Alchemy of Growth

    The Alchemy of Growth

    by Mehrdad Baghai, David White, Stephen Coley
    Item #: 2122
    The authors, based on their work for McKinsey, introduce the concept of strategic planning built around three “horizons,” reflecting the present, short-term future and long-term future of a company. The summary shows how managers can, and must, manage all three horizons at once.
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  • Image of Kotler on Marketing

    Kotler on Marketing

    by Philip Kotler
    Item #: 2121
    From “growing” profitable customers to developing a total value proposition, legendary marketing professor Kotler offers an overview of what value marketing functions must create for their companies. Other areas covered: customer-centered marketing, Internet marketing, and developing the marketing plan.
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