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  • Image of Managing People Is Like Herding Cats

    Managing People Is Like Herding Cats

    by Warren Bennis
    Item #: 1908
    There's a shortage of leaders today. Leadership guru Bennis explains why, and offers advice on creating a leadership-friendly environment. Take his test of your leadership potential.
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  • Image of Selling on the Net

    Selling on the Net

    by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Robert Lewis
    Item #: 1907
    Having a web site won't do you any good if people can't find you. The authors tell how to create a web site that will stop Internet surfers in their tracks. Our interview with the author cautions you about Internet growing pains and tells you not to expect miracles when you launch your site.
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  • Image of Relentless


    by Ikujiro Nonaka, Johny Johansson
    Item #: 1906
    Marketing in Japan is more of a process than a profession, relying heavily on common sense and intuition. Learn how that technique has given Japanese products a global edge.
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