Robert Barner

Robert Barner


Robert W. Barner is Vice President of Organizational Development and Learning for Choice Hotels International.
A twenty-year veteran in international consulting, he has worked
with clients around the world—including AT&T, Honeywell, GTE,
and Disney—to strengthen team performance. He is author of Executive
Resource Management
, Lifeboat Strategies, and Crossing the Minefield, and
his work has also appeared in The Futurist, HR Magazine, and Training & Development Journal.

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    Teamwork is increasingly in demand by organizations when doing business and managing customer relationships. Learn about the common pitfalls and roadblocks for teams, such as conflicts between team members and the team leader, poor relationships between corporate teams and customers, and the inability of a team to anticipate problems. Robert Barner offers the symptoms and then provides the treatments to help any team overcome challenges by improving internal relationships, strengthening team foc
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