Jon Berry

Jon Berry


John Berry is a vice president with RoperASW and senior research director of RoperReports, which for 30 years has been tracking consumer trends for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands across multiple industries. Berry is a former marketing editor of BusinessWeek, features editor and columnist for Brandweek, and San Francisco bureau manager for Adweek.

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    By Ed Keller, Jon Berry
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    This groundbreaking book by two consultants from the RoperASW marketing firm identifies the real people around whom marketing strategies, such as word of mouth, revolve. Who are these real people? They are the most influential Americans — the ones who tell their neighbors what to buy, which politician to support and where to vacation. They aren’t necessarily who you expect. They aren’t the richest 10 percent or the best educated 10 percent. They aren’t the early adopters who are always the first
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