Chris Brady

Chris Brady


Chris Brady is Professor of Management Studies and Dean of the Business School at Bournemouth University in the UK. He has had a diverse working life with a variety of jobs ranging from a line worker at Chrysler in Detroit to an insurance claims clerk in the City of London, from a land surveyor with the British Ordnance Survey to a betting shop manager, from a semi-professional soccer player and coach to an intelligence specialist in the British Royal Navy. He graduated in English Literature and Sociology from London University and gained his MSc and PhD qualifications, in International Politics, during his 16 years in the Royal Navy.

As a UEFA 'A' License soccer coach, Chris still maintains coaching ties within the English Football Association. He is a member of the Institute of Personnel Development and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. In addition to Intelligent M&A, he is the co-author of the much acclaimed management book entitled The 90 Minute Manager, now in a third edition as well as The End of the Road, an examination of the collapse of the Rover auto company in the UK. His most recent work is The Extra Mile an analysis of the engagement and alignment of workforces. His current research and speaking engagements are mostly concerned with the detailed management of talented employees although he is always available to advise on the machinations of the British workplace.

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