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Current Subscribers Only:

If you would like your summaries delivered directly to your Kindle® each month, you can now signup for this service FREE through our delivery system. Signup for Kindle Delivery

Kindle Fire Users:

Download the Soundview app from the Kindle App Store. Simply search "Soundview" to install our app. Next, log into the app using your credentials and you'll have access to your complete Online Library of content.

To manually put summaries on your Kindle please follow these steps (Use this process if the summary that you want is already in your Online Library):

  1. Right-click on the KINDLE icon in your library and select Save Link As/Save Target As.  
  2. The title of the summary will be automatically displayed as the file name.
  3. Select the location where you would like the file to be saved (desktop, etc.)
  4. Click Save and the file will be saved to this location.
  5. Plug your Kindle into your computer.
  6. A new window should open displaying the contents of your Kindle.
  7. Navigate to the "documents" folder.
  8. Drag the summary file into the "documents" folder and unplug your device.
  9. The summary will now be available on your Kindle.

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