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Accessing your summaries:

Currently our summaries are available in 5 different formats (pdf, mp3, ebook, pda, and html). You can gain access to these formats by clicking on the appropriate format icon located below each summary. Upon clicking on your desired format the summary will open in a new window.

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Downloading the summaries to your computer:

•  Right-click on the format icon

•  Click “download linked file”

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Locate a specific summary in your library:

Search by title, author, or keyword by typing in the search box in your library and clicking search.

You can also search by publication date, subject, and author last name by selecting a particular subject filter located on the left-side of your library page.

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Locate a collection in your library:

You will find a list of all of your collections located on the top-left side of your library. Clicking on a particular collection filter will display only the summary titles from this collection. You can return to your complete library listing by clicking on the “My Library” tab at the top of the page OR by removing the collection filter.

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Put summary MP3s on a CD:

  1. Right-click OR Ctrl+Click on the MP3 icon in your online library and select Download Linked File. The file will be automatically named the title of the summary.
  2.  Select the location where you would like the file to be saved. Click Save and the file will be saved to this location.
  3. After saving the summaries insert a blank CD.
  4. Select “Open Finder” and click on the OK button. The blank CD will be mounted on the desktop and is now ready to accept the summary MP3s.
  5. Open the CD window by double-clicking on the CD-R(W) icon. Drag and drop the summary MP3s to your CD-R(W) window.
  6. Your files will be duplicated onto the CD-R(W) disc image and will show up in the CD-R(W) window.
  7. Click on the Burn Disc button in a Finder window to “burn” the files onto your CD- R(W). A new Finder window may be opened by clicking on the Finder icon in the left corner of the Dock . The Burn Disc buttons are situated in the sidebar next to the CD-R(W) and in the window toolbar.
  8. Click on the Burn button to write the files to the CD.

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