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Format Overview

PDF – This is the ideal format to use if you want to print out your summaries. It's also a good format to use when viewing the summaries on your computer or eReader.

MP3 – This is the audio version of the summary. This version is great for listening to summaries in your car or on your iPod.

LIT – This is the Microsoft Reader version of the summary. It can be used to view summaries on a pocket PC or on your computer.

SMART – This format opens in your browser window and combines audio, text, and video content. This format works great on iPads as well as PCs and Macs.

PALM – Use this format for Palm Pilots and devices that read .pdb files.

EPUB – Use this format with eReaders like the Sony Reader, Nook, and iPad.

KINDLE – A .mobi format for use with the Amazon Kindle.

MOBILE – This is a PDF that has been optimized to be viewed on BlackBerrys, Android Phones, iPhones, and the iPod Touch.

HTML – The web browser format of the summaries. Use this version if you have a slow internet connection and it will display in your browser window.

VIDEO – Our MP4 video format that will play directly in your browser or through your computer's default media player.

SLIDES – These are PowerPoint files in the pps format. They can be viewed using Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Open Office, or any other program that can open pps files.

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