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    Webinar: What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

    Webinar: What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

    Webinar: What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

    by Nicole Lipkin

    In this Soundview Live webinar, What Keeps Leaders Up at Night, Nicole Lipkin shows you how to recognize and resolve eight of the most troubling management issues leaders face today: miscommunication, stress, change, unhealthy competition, damaging group dynamics, loss of motivation and engagement, elusive success, and the typical leadership snafus that make us temporarily go from good to bad.

    Explaining the mental processes that play pivotal roles in the workplace, she will help you to gain greater awareness of what causes these recurring problems and to find better solutions by recognizing and addressing those causes more quickly and effectively.

    What You'll Learn

    • The three overarching reasons good bosses sometimes go bad.
    • How confirmation bias affects our assessment of personality and leads us to terrible business decisions.
    • The neurological fire alarms that blare inside your mind when experiencing the negative effects of stress.
    • How to get the most from your team by understanding the mental processes inherent in group dynamics.
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