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    Webinar: The Fearless Front Line

    Webinar: The Fearless Front Line

    Webinar: The Fearless Front Line

    by Ray Attiyah

    Leaders are committed to improving and growing their businesses, but all too often they find themselves mired in operational details and daily issues, leaving no time to pursue bold visions.

    In this Soundview Live webinar, The Fearless Front Line, Ray Attiyah provides a call to action for these leaders: to set a standard of fearlessness for front line workers which in turn liberates leadership to focus on the big-picture. Ray will provide attendees with a proven system, processes and tools to create responsive, innovative, and nimble organizations and inspired, accountable, and confident teams. With The Fearless Front Line, leaders can benefit from a proven program to drive perpetual and transformational improvement and growth.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to use the Run-Improve-Grow system.
    • How to create a fearless frontline that is empowered to lead.
    • How to liberate leaders to do their best work.
    • How to release leaders to blaze a trail for growth.
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