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Webinar: The Better Mousetrap

Webinar: The Better Mousetrap

Webinar: The Better Mousetrap

by Simon Pont

Advertising can be great. Great advertising, that is. Brands can live or die on the power of their advertising and the advertiser's role is to build better mousetraps. But why do we love certain brands — the ones that feel like ours — and passionately or indifferently reject the rest?

In this Soundview Live webinar, The Better Mousetrap, Simon Pont gives readers an accessible, provocative and insightful glimpse into the brand and advertising strategies of some of the world's leading companies. From Google to the BBC, Apple to Nike, McDonalds to Cadbury, Simon provides expert critique on how and why certain brands succeed in a world being redefined by digital media.

What You'll Learn

  • What goes into making a brand.
  • The importance of consumers' perception to a brand.
  • What makes a brand successful.
  • How the dawn of the media democracy affects your ability to build and maintain your brand.
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