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    Webinar: Spotting Exceptional Talent

    Webinar: Spotting Exceptional Talent

    Webinar: Spotting Exceptional Talent

    by George Anders

    How can we sort out the mysteries of talent? We all wonder how to tell really outstanding prospects from ones who look great on paper but then fail on the job. Or, equally important, how to spot the ones who don't look so good on paper but might still deliver extraordinary performance.

    In this Soundview Live webinar, Spotting Exceptional Talent, George Anders pulls together America's best new ideas about how to get talent right. Better methods are within reach. Drawing on the best advice of talent masters, Anders delivers powerful ideas that you can apply to your own hiring efforts.

    Available: audio recording, video recording, summary of The Rare Find

    What You'll Learn

    • To not ignore "the jagged résumé" — people whose background appears to teeter on the edge between success and failure. Such people can do spectacular work in the right settings, where their strengths are invaluable and their flaws don't matter.
    • To look extra hard for "talent that whispers" — the obscure, out-of-the-way candidates that most scouting systems overlook.
    • To be careful with "talent that shouts" — the spectacular but brash candidates whose positive qualities might not outweigh future problems with loyalty, motivation, and team spirit.
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