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Webinar: How You and I Can See it My Way

Webinar: How You and I Can See it My Way

Webinar: How You and I Can See it My Way

by Mark Rodgers

How do you get people to see things your way? Whether you're trying to secure a promotion, make a sale, or rally support for a new idea, the ability to persuade those around you is absolutely essential to success.

In this Soundview Live webinar, How to Get People to See Things Your Way, Mark Rodgers merges research and real-world application to reveal what really drives decisions and introduces readers to the persuasion equation - a powerful combination of factors proven to speed agreement. You will discover the surprising reasons people say "yes" and learn how to radiate an aura of expertise, win trust and leverage credibility and build a business case that appeals to both heart and mind.

What You'll Learn

  • The three persuasion precepts and how to set your persuasion priorities.
  • Key heuristics and biases that influence your decision making.
  • To build a convincing business case via quantitative and qualitative reasoning.
  • To build credibility and use verbal and nonverbal "power language."
  • Why positive self-talk is key to your persuasive efforts.
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