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    Webinar: How? Now. Purple Cow

    Webinar: How? Now. Purple Cow

    Webinar: How? Now. Purple Cow

    by Seth Godin

    "The old rule was: Create safe, ordinary products and combine them with great marketing. The new rule is: Create remarkable products that the right people seek out." Left and right, brands are competing for consumer attention. And most are failing because they simply blend in. Geared for mass appeal, most brands are so inoffensive, they are bland, boring and mundane.

    So how do you get your brand, your product, your service front and center in your customer’s mind? You make it so remarkable it is like a purple cow in a herd of Holsteins.

    Seth Godin, author of the bestseller, Purple Cow, shares his insights on how to create a truly remarkable product or service. He focuses on the necessity of putting marketing dollars into product design as opposed to media and how to spread "ideaviruses," that infecting word-of-mouth buzz that has the power to sky-rocket product sales. Godin’s examples of purple cow products and services, along with his sense of humor, and story-telling ability make this audio conference as entertaining as it is informative.

    The MP3 recording from this event as well as a book summary for Purple Cow will be available to listen to or download from your Online Library immediately after check-out.

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