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    Webinar: Get Your Marketing in Sync

    Webinar: Get Your Marketing in Sync

    Webinar: Get Your Marketing in Sync

    by Seth Godin

    In the last ten years, the Internet and radical changes in media have provided marketers everywhere with a toolbox that allows them to capture attention with seemingly little effort, planning, or cash. People treat the New Marketing like a kid with a twenty-dollar bill at an ice cream parlor. The dream is simple: "If we can just add enough of [today’s hot topping], everything will take care of itself."

    Most of the time, despite all the hype, organizations fail when they try to use this scattershot approach. They fail because the Web and the New Marketing work only when applied to the right organization. New Media makes a promise to the consumer. If the organization is unable to keep that promise, then it fails.

    New Marketing — whipped cream and a cherry on top — isn’t magical. What’s magical is what happens when an organization uses the New Marketing to become something it didn’t used to be — it’s not just the marketing that’s transformed, but the entire organization.

    In this Soundview conference, Get Your Marketing in Sync, Seth Godin describes the fourteen trends no marketer can afford to ignore. He explains what to do about the increasing power of stories, not facts; about shorter and shorter attention spans; and about the new math that says five thousand people who want to hear your message are more valuable than five million who don’t. Godin doesn’t pretend that it’s easy to get your products, marketing messages, and internal systems in sync. But he’ll convince you that it’s worth the effort.

    The MP3 recording from this event as well as a book summary for Meatball Sundae will be available to listen to or download from your Online Library immediately after check-out.

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