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    Webinar: Extreme Productivity

    Webinar: Extreme Productivity

    Webinar: Extreme Productivity

    by Robert C. Pozen

    In this Soundview Live webinar, Extreme Productivity, Robert C. Pozen reveals his secrets to workplace productivity and high performance. The antidote to a calendar full of boring meetings and a backlog of emails, this webinar shows professionals how they can achieve their goals by making a critical shift in mindset: from hours worked to results produced.

    Available: audio recording, video recording, summary of Extreme Productivity

    What You'll Learn

    • The three big ideas for making productive goals.
    • How to be productive every day.
    • Which personal skills need to be developed for the greatest productivity.
    • How to effectively manage up and down.
    • How to apply productivity principles across every area of your life.
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